Bio Berry


Bio Berry is engaged in the production and processing of soft fruits like raspberry, strawberry, currant, forest fruits and such fruits as apple, plum, rhubarb and cherry from certified organic production. Our organic frozen fruits and organic puree are exported to Western Europe, USA and Asia.

We manage the entire process from the sowing / planting through monitoring of the crop and purchase of fruit until the processed product, ready for use in the food industry.

Our organic frozen fruits and organic purees are intended to produce jams, fruit preserves, baby food products, fruit juices, yogurts, frozen foods, muesli.

In order to ensure the highest quality of our organic products we gather a group of over 300 producers specialized in production of organic soft fruits like strawberry, raspberry, currant and other fruits like plum, apple, rhubarb and cherry. We monitor the entire production process in detail from sowing or planting to the delivery to our cold storage and processing and delivery of the finished product to the customer.


The entire production of Bio Berry comes from certified organic farms, located in Poland, in naturally clean areas.

Poland is one of the largest producers of soft fruits in the world and our farms are located in the center of this area, often bordering the landscape and national parks.

Direct management of production and cooperation with cold stores and processing plants enables us to deliver a product that is perfectly suited to customer’s needs.